How to Teach Your Kids About the Nations

My kids are young. They are young and impressionable, which is why my husband and I have chosen to start teaching them about the nations now. Their curiosity actually began well before we pulled out the flags and books about different parts of our world.

I am a black female married to a white man. Even at the age of two, my son would remark about my "chocolate" skin when he noticed that it's significantly darker than his. Now that curiosity has become an opportunity for lifelong learning, and not just learning for the sake of learning. The reason we learn is to know the God who made us -- the God who created all nations (Acts 17:26).

God determined the clans, languages, lands, and nations (Genesis 10–11). And he had a plan of redemption that included them all. So, we don't study merely to be knowledgeable, but to celebrate what God has designed. We glory in God. We stand in awe of his creativity and imagination. The nations don't point us back to ourselves -- they point us to God. And it's this that motivates us to teach our kids.

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