"Teach Us to Number Our Days"

My vote for the most unusual television documentary goes to an interview 49 years in the making. The subjects are British citizens deliberately culled from various socioeconomic backgrounds who submit to being asked an assortment of personal questions by director Michael Apted every seven years. (He was in his early 20s when he first started chatting with this group of then 7-year-olds.) The latest installment of the series, helpfully called 56 Up, was shown on British television in 2012. One of the participants, recently questioned on National Public Radio, described his every-seven-years date with Apted as "deeply uncomfortable." I cannot know all the layers of that response, but it does not surprise me. I should think that being in that selected subset of humanity would feel like meeting your Maker every seven turns of the calendar, rather than just once like the rest of us.

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