Teaching Your Child to Have a Tender Heart

I used to worry a bit about that boy. I mean, it couldn't be easy being born right after our special-needs little girl. She required so much looking after and so much of our extra care. She depends on us for quite a few of her needs.

But I see now that I needn't have worried because God knew all along. He knew that this would turn out to be a blessing more than a burden to that young man.

God knew that this would be an opportunity for him to learn to be considerate of those who are weaker, smaller, or poorer than himself.

Such a sweet and precious lesson for anyone to learn, don't you think? I want all our children to have that kind of heart for others.

But you don't have to have a special sister to become tenderhearted.

You can teach your children how to have a tender heart in many different ways:

Tenderhearted is more a character quality than a personality trait. While some children seem naturally more "sensitive" than others, this doesn't mean we can’t teach thoughtfulness to all our children. And, yes, it is something that needs to be taught -- just like we'd teach honesty and obedience.

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