Teaching Our Children the Joy of Serving Others

In the beginning, I did everything myself. Mama was faster. Better. And more efficient.

I did things right. The way things should be done.

Oh, and, of course, I was serving my family all the while. I was the sacrificial mom who cooked, laundered, and cleaned up after everyone. Most every job was done by me.

And, as a "shining model" of service, I figured my children would eventually follow my example. It was obvious that I worked hard and did my best to please our family. So wouldn't they just naturally follow in my footsteps?

More is caught than taught, right?

But you know something? They didn't catch on like I thought they would. They really enjoyed being served ... and it kind of stopped there. I was a good giver. They were good takers.

Um. Problem.

Sure, I was growing a ton by giving to them, but what were they learning? To receive. Not necessarily the hardest lesson for a child to learn. Maybe I thought I was blessing my children with all my constant pouring out and cleaning up after them. But in the process, I was depriving them of the opportunity of serving their family.

Our children had yet to learn the beautiful lesson of blessing others.

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