Team Us

teamusmainI gasped.

Surely, the email I'd just received was a hoax. My then-fiancé, now-husband, Ted hadn't really intervened in a work-related issue for me, had he?

Gulp! -- He had.

The day before, I'd shown Ted the cover art for a video project I was producing for my boss. As a professional designer himself, he offered me helpful advice on how to improve the current layout. But when I asked our in-house designer to make the changes, I was told they weren't a possibility; that they simply couldn't be made.

Ted wasn't one to give up that easily, though. He took it upon himself to use the file I'd shown him, make the requested changes, and directly email them to our in-house designer -- all without my prior knowledge.

Let's just say, his efforts didn't go over well. Not with the designer. Not with the designer's boss. And not with the head of my department.

My knee-jerk reaction was to jump into clean-up mode. I shot off several emails of apology for my fiancé's behavior. And then, directed my anger toward him.

Years later, as I reflected on what became our first fight, I realized how poorly I handled the situation.

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