Tell Your Story

With each new video of the Planned Parenthood atrocities, though I find myself stricken speechless, I thank God that I have a greater sense of the tremendous guilt that rests on this country. The blood guilt stretches from sea to shining sea. And I wonder about all those millions of individuals who are living under this load of personal guilt. You know, they are everywhere. "Another boy" (you know, the one on the petri dish) has a mother somewhere, and God knows her name. And she is guilty. And that little dismembered child has a father as well. And God knows his name and will hold him accountable. You can't have millions upon millions of abortions without there being millions upon millions of the guilty. And I wonder if that might be one of the reasons (maybe) that so many Christians haven't yet spoken up. Is it because they have had some share in this sometime, some way? Maybe you are one of those. Maybe you have had an abortion. Or two. Maybe you encouraged a friend or a sister or a daughter to abort their child. Maybe you even paid the bill, made the appointment, promised not to tell.

Each time we see more of the carnage on the videos, the more real the pain is for all of us. And let me tell you, that is a good sign. If you feel sick, that means you are well. If it doesn't make you ill, then you are sick indeed, and unforgiven sin is a deadly sickness. Just because something is legal, does not mean it is right or good or lawful. And your conscience can't be soothed when you tell yourself you didn't break the law. Abortion breaks God's law, and that is where the guilt comes from.

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