temp·ta·tion \ noun \ tem(p)-'tā-shən\

1: the act of tempting or the state of being tempted especially to evil: enticement 2: something tempting: a cause or occasion of enticement

What can we learn from Nina?


Nina was honest in the video about the temptations she faces on a daily basis. We all face temptations. Think about some of the temptations that you struggle with.

Nina gave reasons why she is tempted to succumb to temptation. They included "to experiment," "to see how it feels," and "once won't hurt." She also spoke of the power of the temptation and her lack of strength to avoid it. Think about some of the reasons you give in to temptation.

Nina felt that "nobody is helping — parents, schools, church." The scare tactics she hears don't seem to be enough. She said, "the facts, the truth ... we all just laugh at it like we can't do anything about it..." And yet, as Nina continued to talk she said, "it does bother me..." It seems that Nina still has an active conscience. Is your conscience active?

What are some reasons Nina would do one thing (conform by laughing at the facts) when it truly isn’t a laughing matter? If we are honest, we know there are times when we conform. How do we make the right choices?

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