The {Thai} Breaker in Marriage

When I said those four, small, life-changing words "I do, of course," I knew there were things about me that would change. You know, things other than the obvious ... like my last name and mailing address. For example, I figured that I'd end up watching a whole lot more Fox News. Because ... well ... that's what happens when one marries a news junkie and agrees to share the same couch and remote. Suddenly, talking heads and the latest conflict in the Middle East become regular company.

Even so, there was one thing I was absolutely, positively convinced without a doubt would not change. As in, ever.

And that was my feelings about Thai food.

Sure, I might be marrying a man who loved it, but no way was I becoming a green curry and drunken noodle addict. You see, I'd had my share of bad experiences with the cuisine.

All two of them.

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