That Goose!

Yes, we have THAT goose! You see when you have six energetic children and a patch of dirt in the backyard, you're always thinking of fun things for them to do.

Our kids had that kindergarten teacher who hatched baby chicks each spring in her classroom. We thought it sounded like a good homeschool project, so we started out with a few fertile eggs and an incubator, and increased our brood by a few feathered peepers each spring (always hatching a couple extra chicks to compensate for the unfortunate coyote incidents when the kids left the coop door open at night).

This year, one of our eggs contained a bit more complexity in the gene pool, and out popped a goose. THAT goose! My 11 year old daughter used glitter and paint and made a home movie called, "Goosie and the Case of the Missing Golden Egg". It has a twist ending- the thief turns out to be Phinnias, our two pound chihuahua.

Stay tuned for the next animal caper starring Phinnias' sister Fiona, who makes her debut performance dazzling audiences with her graceful talents on the Chihuahua Trapeeze...