As a NBA fan, I used to love to watch the Detroit Pistons play on Sunday afternoons. Of all the players, one really stood out for his hustle, drive and athletic ability. His name is Dennis Rodman. In the early years, he was exciting to watch as he would out rebound players much bigger than he was. However, as his career progressed, his behavior both on and off the court got down- right weird. Crazy hairdos, tattoos, more piercings than Aunt Tillie’s pin cushion, binge drinking, and more. It never made much sense until recently when I read an article that explained a lot. It seems that the father of this former NBA star has been absent from his son’s life...for the past 42 years! The article goes on to say that his dad made sure that Dennis had a few siblings; 29 to be exact! Further, Rodman senior confessed that he had those 29 kids with an astounding 16 different mothers!!! Wow. That legacy is more befitting a stray alley cat than a responsible human being.

The article went on to explain that the elder Rodman, currently living in the Philippines, wanted to meet with his son Dennis to explain that “He didn’t abandon his family in he USA..” Bet that would have made for an interesting discussion. Something like “You know son, I really didn’t abandon’s just that I had 15 other women I had to visit and with the other 28 kids scattered around, I just didn’t have time for you all. Oh, and I heard you play some sort of sport, right? Soccer? Yeah, keep up the good work, son.”

I can only imagine how such a gifted athlete like Dennis Rodman would have prospered if his dad had been in the stands cheering him on, rather than looking for his next “wife”. With all that practice, Mr. Rodman Sr. should have become be a pretty good dad, but my educated guess is that he fell way short of that mark. Making babies has little to do with being a father.

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