The 8 Best Things About Having A Bunch of Kids

I guess I might as well come out with it. I'm the mother of 8 children. And I love it.

This often surprises people when they learn that I have all these kids. They'll say things like, "But you don't look like a mother of 8 children!'

And then, occasionally, "Do you actually like having so many kids?"

I'm never sure how to answer that first one ("Thank you ... I think?").

The answer to the second is easier, "Yes, I do. I love it!" Which some people seem to find interesting.

I could write a long list of all the things I love about having a bunch of kids, but here are some of the best ...

The Best 8 Things About Having A Bunch of Kids

1. I love the joy they bring. How their sweet faces look up at me with so much love. The hugs. The laughter. The fellowship of family.

2. I love all that I learn from them. They remind me to stop and wonder. They ask good questions and challenge me to think.They reveal areas in my life that I – apparently – need to work on. Ouch.

3. I love how they have built-in friendships. If you’re bored or lonely, there’s always a buddy nearby. Someone to help with the work or someone to play a game. Someone to talk to or someone to snuggle.

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