The Art of Being Comfortable in Your Own Family's Skin

"No man is ever called to be another. God has as many plans for men as he has men; and, therefore, he never requires them to measure their life exactly by way of any other life." — Horace Bushnell

We are sleep nazis — especially when it comes to our children.

When our girls were babies and the afternoon clock struck 1:00, back home we'd travel to nestle them into their own beds. Sometimes we'd turn down invitations because it meant our kids would miss their bedtimes. Even now our 13-year-old is quite nonplussed with her 9:30 pm lights-out regimen.

Holding to a stringent sleep schedule works for our family, but even so, I can't say that I haven't envied parents whose children sleep on the floor or behind the couch or beneath a table leaving them free to happily socialize at a friend's house long into the wee hours of the night.

But as I secretly admire my friends' less strict bed timetables, friends share with me how they desire to have a sleep strategy more like ours...

And isn.t that how it goes? We parents adhere to a pattern that works, and then we see another family doing something different and maybe kind of cool, and we think... We should do (fill in the blank) like that family does, for surely then we can achieve peace and pleasure, happiness and bliss in our home.

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