The Art of Forgiving Fast, Frequently, and Forever

Our first year of marriage was not blissful or beautiful, sweet or serene. One could describe it as passionate, I guess… because we were passionately aggravated with one another a good deal of the time. You see, we were both pretty stubborn people: me, in a passive-aggressive kind of way; him, in an annoyingly assertive manner. Complicating matters was his introverted tendency to stay quiet during an argument and my extroverted propensity to spew words all over everything.

Sparks flew; people got burned. And then silence ensued ... sometimes for days.

Sounds fun, doesn't it? {NOT.}

We've been married almost a quarter of a century now, and we still talk about that horrid first year, marveling over how we ever made it through!

{Can anyone relate to what I am saying?!}

I'm happy to report that with God's grace and ever-patient assistance, we've gone far beyond "just making it through." We've grown deeper in love and smarter in how we deal with one another's shortcomings. I'd say much of our intimacy is the direct result of how we've learned the art of forgiving fast, frequently, and forever.

Forgiving Fast

It used to be that if my husband would say or do something hurtful, I'd hold it against him for days. {I'm such a gem.} What I came to realize is that 9 times out of 10, he wasn't even cognizant of hurting my feelings. {Whaaaaat? True.Story.}

I would seriously not speak to him, and after a day or two, his introverted self {who was probably really enjoying the silence from the typical barrage of my words} would say, "Is something wrong?" and I would let the floodgates fly. wide. open. {I'm telling you, I was such. a. treat.}

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