The Best Eulogy to Remember a Father

Many of us do not have our fathers with us on Father's Day. We are either separated by distance or by death. In my case, my father has been with the Lord for 37 years. As I was thinking about Father's Day, I thought about the ways in which we remember our fathers and a memorial service that I attended in January came to mind. It was a service was for a man named Bob, who had lived a good and long life, and the church was filled to capacity with many who held fond memories of him. They had come together to celebrate his life ... and also his death, because Bob is now with His Lord and Saviour. I did not know Bob. My husband and I attended to pay our respects and express our condolences to our friend Scott, Bob's son, but by the end of the service I wished I had known Bob. Several people spoke during the service with Scott giving the final eulogy. Scott's words of tribute to his father were moving and inspiring, and I venture to say it was the best eulogy I've ever heard a son give. He began by reflecting on his sisters' words about their father, and he spoke about how they had captured their father's life by recalling his sacrificial service to his country and community, his complete devotion to his family and his rock-solid, unshakable faith in his Lord. Scott shared a few more memories of his father, who he called "a very, very rich man of little means," and then he proceeded to share his father’s last request with these words:

At the very end, my dad and I spoke often about his faith. He knew where he was going and his last request was that I share his faith and certainty with you today. He thought maybe one of you might be a bit worried or uncertain and might need to hear this. So here it is... what my dad told me he wanted you to know.

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