The Best Way to Parent That Very Unique Child of Yours

Peanut butter and jelly.Peanut butter and honey. Jelly. No peanut butter. Tuna fish.

This summarizes the lunch hour in my home.

Gym shorts. A dress with a bottom that can spin. Purple sweatpants, orange ruffle tank top and a pair of watermelon colored flip flops. Any variation of leggings and a too small t-shirt.

This is the morning wardrobe.

Bubbly. Blunt. Observant. Fearless.

A brief description of their everyday personalities.

Get the picture? These are my four girls. The differences between them are endless and make our days together a priceless mystery.

As a young mom, I watched my girls play. I examined how they learned and related to each other and I was continually amazed that it was possible to be born to the exact same parents, raised in the exact same family structure and somehow exude so many differences.

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