The Best Way to Stop a Tantrum in Its Tracks

You know that special ear-piercing noise your child makes when she’s about to throw a fit? Kind of like a tornado siren, it’s muted when she first opens her mouth but then it quickly winds up and blows out the vocal cords for every neighbor to hear. Then fists hit the floor and all drama ensues. (The kid’s and yours.) Fun times, right?

I’ve watched this scene play out in my house countless times, and I know enough by now to realize I have a choice. I can:

(a) Scream back (tempting in the heat of moment, yes indeed) (b) Lock myself in a bathroom (they always manage to find me) (c) Blame Dad and make him handle it (if he’s home)

But what about another choice? A fail-proof option? Is there such a thing?

The Bible says there is.

It’s called a hug.

“The Lord is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (Psalm 145:8). What if.

Instead of responding to a tantrum with a tantrum, what if we moms responded with affection?

What if instead of throwing up our arms and begging the Lord to gimme a break, here, pleeeease! we got on our knees with our child and prayed for God to help ease the heartache.

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