The Debate Insanity

The political debates pretend to talk about important things. Yet they ignore the one issue that supersedes all others. The debaters, the commentators, the analysts all ignore that God actively rules the world and the universe! Don't misunderstand; God is not a politician. He is not limited by the feeble thinking of men. He is not for a particular political party. He is "for" his own honor and glory. He is accountable to no one, especially not to public opinion and votes. This is what the debates don't get. As Paul told the thinkers in Athens, minds among the most formidable in the world, we all live, move and exist because of God. Yet the debaters and moderators ignore this greatest of all truths.

Let's get this straight, we won't solve the problems with our government by electing new leaders. The problems with government will only be solved by changing the hearts of people. That will only come by the church, once again, becoming salt and light. Only then will we have elected leaders who will make a difference for good. The electoral process is important, but it is not our salvation!

To put things into proper perspective, let's turn to the words of a politician, a world leader who truly gets it: Nebuchadnezzar. The Holy Spirit specifically chose these words for you to read and understand. His words are just as true and relevant today as when he first uttered them. God still humbles the proud, those who don't think he is worthy of mentioning in debates.

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