The End of Discontentment

You were made for another world. It’s why the mirage of contentment in earthly things always dissipates as soon as you get near where it seemed to appear. This repeated experience makes people cynical. Contentment is a fairytale, they think, not found in the real world. They’re partly right and very wrong. Contentment really exists and its source is the source of all the great fairytales. You just won’t find it in this world’s pleasures. Those pleasures aren’t meant to satisfy; they’re meant to point to satisfaction.

If you embrace this truth you will realize the end of your discontentment. For your discontentment has an end, and if you pursue that end rightly, one day your discontentment will end.

The Fairytale Story of Contentment

Once upon a time, when the world was young — not only new-young, but innocent-young — the king and queen of the living lived contented in the garden of God. They had everything they needed, and so they did not need much, at least not by our standards. For they had infinitely more: they walked every day with their Creator. And he infused their every moment and every movement with meaning. They loved and trusted him as perfect children love and trust a perfect father. They did not live by fruit alone but on every word that proceeded from the mouth of God.

Then came a fateful day when the king and queen of the living chose to eat the lone fruit forbidden by the word of God. They believed that there was more life in the fruit than in the Word of life. But there was death in the fruit, death that meant more than mortality. The contentment they sought in the fruit died as they ate. In a moment they lost their innocence and grew old — old with a knowledge far more evil than good — and the young world aged with them.

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