The First Step in Conquering an Over-Busy Schedule

The best ideas are always thought up in the shower. I've heard that old adage numerous times, and I agree with it, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago, that I was finally struck with why it's so true. It's the quiet!!

If like me, you were slow to catch on to the reasoning behind that sage advice, think about it. The shower might be one of the only times you don’t have the world shouting at you — no TV, no music, no people, no social media, no books.

No. other. input.

It's just you, the hot water, and the quiet.


And suddenly, you can think again.

Life becomes crowded quickly – our minds cluttered, our hearts overwhelmed. Schedules, responsibilities, obligations — and we keep adding to the list!

The more we add, the less rest we find — true in our individual lives, and true within our families. Sporting events, church commitments, work obligations. Extended family, friends, social media. School, work, clubs, and ministry. Our family schedules are bursting at the seams, and we can barely catch our breaths.

When we rework our schedules in August and September, we pledge to do things differently this year, but we catch ourselves in October and November running the same hamster wheel of commitments and we wonder how we got on — and where we hop off.

Thinking about our schedules, we often feel helpless, out-of-control, and anxious. Knowing that the holidays are around the corner, only adds another whole layer of busy.

Our families are running so fast, we are frantic. No time for relationship, or dreaming or living on purpose. We've lost laughter and spontaneity and the margin we so desperately need.

Friends, we are in need of a proverbial shower!

Rest, quiet — no. more. shouting.

In each family, the "shower" might be different, but every family needs one – a time of quiet, a time of together, a time when you can just be together without the world shouting in your ears.

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