The Fruit of Patience

I once considered myself a patient person. I know, presumptuous right? I used to work with children who were angry, explosive, and often violent. I assumed that if I could respond to their curses and threats with patience, I must be a patient person. Parenthood revealed to me just how little patience I actually have.

I see my impatience all through the day as I respond in irritation to hearing the same question asked over and over. I find myself frustrated when I have to ask, "Did you wash your hands?" for the thousandth time. When I intervene in another sibling squabble, I wonder will my work as a referee never end?

1 Corinthians 13 is the famous love chapter in the Bible. In this passage, Paul defines for us what love is and what it is not. And what is the very first characteristic listed about love? Patience.

I want to be patient with my children. I want to instruct them over and over again in the same life lessons with quiet calm and a tender voice. I want to hear their endless string of questions and not respond in annoyance or irritation. Above all, I want to show them my love for them through my patience.

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