The Gift of Friendship

One of this life’s greatest gifts is that of friendship. I’ve learned that friends come in all shapes, sizes, ages and colors. A true friend is one that comes into your life to share key parts of it with you. Sometimes they stay for years and others only bless us with their company for a matter of days. My dear friend, Harry, was with me for many years. We worked together, hunted together, traveled together, laughed together and shed a few tears as well. He passed some years ago and every now and then, a bitter sweet memory of him flashes before me and I get to see him hiking up a trail, or leading a business conference, or sitting in our office dreaming about God’s plans for our lives. I sure miss him.

Some years ago, I met another great man. His name was Jack Denton. I met Jack in Colorado and spent a total of four days with him while I was filming a father/daughter fly fishing adventure in the Rockies. Jack was in his 70′s when I met him. A fine gentleman and a real cowboy. I had the honor of taking a ride with Jack up to 13,000 feet in the mountains. We rode above the tree line and looked down at Emerald Lake some thousand feet below us. On the ride back down the mountain, we got caught in a lightning storm that nearly took both of us out. Very exciting stuff.

Jack and I then shot an impromptu video teaching about mentoring the next generation. Several months after we met, I got word that Jack was ill. Soon, he was gone. Much too soon.

The pace of life often tells us that we don’t have time to invest in friendships but that is false. God brings into each of our lives at least one good friend, sometimes many more. Today is a great day to reach out to a friend. Today is a great day for that.

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