The Gospel Matters for Your Eleven-Year-Old

Your eleven-year-old hears things. Your daughter sees the constant allure of commercials. She hears the taunts and the temptations of the schoolyard. She feels an inner dread growing out of her many fears. She knows the darkness personally from the fears and brokenness caused by her own sin. She also knows of the darkness from the ugliness of the world around her. Whatever the source, she has seen and experienced the attacks of the kingdom of darkness. She was born a slave to this darkness. The good news is that Jesus is able to rescue her from darkness. Your daughter needs the comfort of knowing the grace of the gospel matters for her! The world offers alternatives to the gospel. The world offers its own solutions for your eleven-year-old. Many of the answers the world offers may be good things in themselves: education, enjoyment of the outdoors, athletic accomplishments, fashion, works of service in the community, artistic skill. The reality is that none of the world's answers will ultimately help.

The problems that an eleven-year-old faces are not ones that she will outgrow. She may grow physically and grow in her social skills, but the dark issues of the heart will never leave her unless she comes to believe and live the good news, the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel matters!

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