The Indispensable Husband ... and How He Defeats the Voices Tearing Down His Wife

Hello. Maybe we've never met formally but, you've bumped into me a time or two. In fact, you can't avoid me because I'm everywhere. My name is 21st Century Culture and I've got a lot to say to a lot of different people but let me start with what I like to say to wives and mothers. I'm disciplined and consistent ... this is the stuff I say to women every single day: Hey, it's me again, 21st Century Culture, remember, the one who defines who you are and establishes your personal worth?

Frankly, girl, you don't measure up to much of anything that's important. Seriously, what is your real worth, anyway? All that work around the house to keep it clean and nice ... whatever! First of all, you're doing a terrible job but, it's worse than that ... managing your home is a total waste of time. You could have had a meaningful life. You could have accomplished something. Instead, you've been duped into looking after a home and raising kids. Can I just be blunt? YOU ARE WASTING YOUR LIFE! It's sad, really. And even if you are working and helping pay the bills, you know you’re neglecting your home and family. You see ... you can’t win.

Now, when it comes to your looks ... well, let’s keep it real. You're just not that pretty, are you? I’m not being mean – just truthful. The years haven’t been very kind to you. You’re looking old and tired – haggard, even, not to mention extra those pounds.

It’s evident to your husband and everyone else, just saying, that you and your sex-appeal had a falling-out a long time ago and, from where I’m sitting . . . it’s not coming back any time soon so, do yourself a favor. I suggest either giving up in that department or desperately searching for the validation your husband doesn’t think your worthy of.

RELAX! I'm not picking on you – that's what I tell every woman all the time. And, trust me, I've been thorough so, no matter where you go – the mall, the gym, the beach, to church, the park – you'll encounter my consistent basic message: You don't measure up and your value is low.

Even though I’m usually very successful with my messaging, I've got my problems. Ever heard of The Indispensable Husband? He's nothing but trouble. When this guy shows up, his wife starts letting go of my reality and all my hard work goes up in flames.

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