Last night, I had a dream. In it, I was attending a gathering at some sort of country club or other large meeting place. The building was filled with people who were consumed with issues of importance to them. Many of the issues were surface, vain, and temporary. I scanned the people and there were some that were overly concerned with how they looked. They wore only the finest clothes that money could buy. One lady, covered in very expensive clothes and jewelry, leaned against a wall and could barely stand. She wore a blonde wig that kept falling over her face. She was well into her 80s, yet she would not accept that fact. Retaining and feigning a youthful appearance was her only goal.

Many people had come to eat the most appealing foods and could not wait until they got their next unique meal. They boasted about how special their meal was compared to others. Some of the men were consumed with sports and sports heros. That is all they could talk about. There was a line of hundreds of bored people that extended out of the building that were waiting for others to serve them even more special food and to provide entertainment.

For a little while longer, I wandered around inside the building and was totally ignored by everyone. People were too engrossed in small, private discussions to notice others. Then, I heard the cry of a young girl, about age 2. I looked around and finally saw her through the crowd. She was lying on the floor, unable to get up and no one even looked up to see what was wrong. The little girl was perfectly dressed and her hair was neatly combed by someone that was no longer around. This beloved child was gorgeous on the outside, but abandoned.

I walked over and picked her up as others continued to ignore her cries. I began carrying the little girl in my arms, looking for her mother or father, but no one even cast a glance at me. Then, I walked outside to see the lines of people still talking about food, clothes, sports, and money. I hoped to find the little girl’s parents there, but no one responded to my call.

As I left the building, I had to walk down long steps that were cracked, broken and very slippery. I was afraid that I might drop the little girl. No one offered to help. Looking back, I saw that the foundations of the building were crumbling. Clearly, this was the beginning of the end for the building and, yet, no one seemed concerned as long as their own needs were being met.

After making my way down the slippery steps, a new horrifying situation developed. I saw a very large dog running loose among the crowd. It was unruly and wild and yet no one wanted to stop it…as long as it was not biting them. The dog spotted me and ran to attack the little girl in my arms. The beast kept leaping in the air trying to bite her and I had to turn in circles to protect her from his fangs. Moments later, I became angry and instead of trying to simply turn away from the attack, I went on the offensive and kicked the dog twice, causing it to run away. Then…I woke up.

Sooo…where did all that come from? Too much pizza before bed? Maybe. But, I rather think that God sometimes speaks when we are at our quietest to show us things of great importance.

May I offer my interpretation? Around the world, men and women spend way too much time focusing on things that really don’t matter...Food, clothes, sports, money, status, youthful appearance… all at the expense of our children. As a result, boys and girls are being abandoned, sometimes in plain sight…and then are attacked as we ignore some very black and white issues related to parenting. Young ones need protection, love, attention, discipline, mentoring, blessing and much more if they are going to survive, let alone succeed, in this rapidly darkening world.

The dogs that want to harm our kids are on the loose. NOW is the time for us to turn our hearts to the next generation.

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