The Lord of Crazy Days

Like you, the Psalmist had his crazy, challenging days! There were days that life didn't make sense. There were days when the unexpected became normal. Life's craziness overwhelmed to the point of distraction, even to the point of saying, "God, where are you?" But even as these thoughts threatened to crush him, the Psalmist returned to what he knew was true, what he knew he could trust. The Holy Spirit has given us a window into the Psalmist's heart during a difficult, crazy time in his life. Let's look at this portion of Psalm 42.

Discouragement and Raging Seas

In the middle of his discouragement he realizes the waves are God’s waves. He feels desperate and alone. Still, he recognizes his God has not left him.

Now I am deeply discouraged, but I will remember you— even from distant Mount Hermon, the source of the Jordan, from the land of Mount Mizar. I hear the tumult of the raging seas as your waves and surging tides sweep over me.

Even as the waves wash over him, God’s love is poured upon him.

He sees God's hand in the waves and seas of life. Even in the crazy mess the praise and song of God do not leave him.

But each day the Lord pours his unfailing love upon me, and through each night I sing his songs, praying to God who gives me life.

As discouragement returns, the Psalmist cries out to God.

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