The Most Important Lesson for You in the Nativity Story

This is the third in a series addressing misconceptions found in nativity narratives and most nativity scenes. The first week addressed misconceptions about Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and the second week focused on misconceptions about the place of Jesus' Birth.

The Beauty of Nativity Scenes

Now don't hear me wrong and don't put away your nativity scenes. Don't skip the Christmas pageants and, please, don't criticize the way they tell the Christmas story! The message of Jesus coming to earth, as an infant born of a virgin, is accurate ... even if some of the other details are amiss. The purpose for addressing these misconceptions is so we don't base our theology on man's narratives. Instead, always be a Berean and check the Scriptures to determine what is true (Acts 17:11).

Enjoy the Christmas narratives, allow nativity scenes to inspire awe and wonder, but always hold closely to the truths revealed in the Bible. The Bible does not give all-inclusive information about Jesus' birth, but the Bible does give fully-sufficient information to know that Jesus humbled Himself and came to earth to seek and save the lost. He came to be Emmanuel — God with us. Rejoice in the great sacrifice of God that brought salvation to mankind.

The Most Important Lesson of the Nativity

This week we address who was there when the King of kings was born, and who came to see the Baby lying in the manger.

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