The Most Underrated Word in a Family's Pursuit of Happiness

We have become a people obsessed with attaining the elusive condition called "happiness," and nowhere is this fixation more evident than in modern day families. For example, a while back, my husband and I became acquainted with a couple who seemingly lived solely for the happiness of their children. If any of their three children wanted to try something — anything — the answer was always a resounding yes.

Karate? Yes. Dance? Yes. Softball? Yes. Art? Yes.

Horseback riding? Football? Track? Yes, yes, yes.

Girl Scouts? Science class? Theater? Yes, yes, yes.

And on top of it all, both parents engaged in hobbies of their own: one month it was dance lessons, the next a salt water aquarium.

One would think that this family would have been the picture of happiness, right? After all, each child possessed the freedom to chase after his/her every dream! Each parent enjoyed the liberty to pursue personal hobbies in addition to maintaining fulfilling careers!

But soon, it became obvious that this family's pursuit of happiness led them in a direction opposite of bliss and contentment.

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