The Myth of Incompatibility in Marriage

The power of what you believe will change the course of your life. So, you’d better make sure you believe the truth because lies have just as much power to affect every aspect of your life as does the truth. Lies matter. If we believe them long enough, they become our Truth, regardless of what is actually true or false. We like to think that we believe only the truth, but do we? Is any aspect of your thought process about your marriage (for instance) based on lies?

Not me!

And yet, millions of Christians have told themselves that they need to divorce or separate because they are “incompatible”. Do you know someone like that?

We started out great, but then we discovered we’re incompatible. Nobody’s right or wrong here, we just don’t “work” any more.

Is “incompatibility” in marriage real?

I didn’t ask if it feels real to the millions of spouses who know the proper way to squeeze the toothpaste tube, or those married to someone who refuses to learn how to correctly put the toilet paper roll on the roller. And, more seriously, I didn’t ask if it feels real to the millions of marriages where conversations dissolve into arguing on a regular basis, or to those struggling back from any form of infidelity.

To all these people, it definitely feels real but, is it . . . really? Are they truly incompatible? Remember, we can convince ourselves of anything. When personal truth is the only consultant, all beliefs, decisions, and actions are valid, by definition.

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