The Myth of Safety

mythsafetymainThe myth of safety lies shattered at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Whether we are in a movie theater, an office building, a school room, a college campus, or a sporting event, we are no more safe than if we were on the front lines in Afghanistan. Those on the front lines are constantly aware of the danger. However, in day-to-day life we believe the lie that we are entitled to safety. The truth is that we are only as safe as God has purposed for us to be.

It is the lie of the Enemy that laws, regulations, police protection, armies, and air bags will keep us safe. All of these things have a place. But they cannot overcome the evil within the human heart.

When Adam and Eve fell, they naturally did things they had never done. Even though they had never experienced a lie, they lied. Cain had never heard of or seen a murder, yet he killed his own brother. At the fall the human heart went to war with God and with anyone or any thing that stood in the way of its lust and desires. The Enemy now had a whole army to join him in his war with God -- the human race. (Ephesians 2:1-3)

The Boston Marathon appears to be a positive, harmless event. But it became a target of terror, of the evil of the human heart. Yes, what happened in Boston is, at its core, an act of spiritual war. This is why terrorists care little for their own lives. They have believed the spiritual lie that the slaughter of innocents is a good thing and it is pleasing to their god.

Whether it is the act of a single, violent young man or the terrorism of religious zealots or the terrorism of nations vowing destruction to others, war and collateral damage is inevitable. In this sense, no one is safe.

No event or activity is beyond the reach of spiritual evil. Don't teach your children the myth that they are safe from danger. Teach them that true safety is found in believing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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