The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know

"I thought I had the parenting formula down." That was what my friend said as she described her kids' behavior and attitudes.

For years, all their little bright faces, great attitudes, and constant successes were what she had always hoped for and then ... what happened?

One boy started to roll his eyes and talk back. His brother got a tattoo without permission. She discovered one of the boys was drinking. Her youngest daughter didn't want to go to church. One of the boys wouldn't do his school work and when he did, his grades were terrible.

It wasn’t all bad all the time, of course.

At least, the kids took turns acting up! And, all along, her oldest daughter was the model child — good grades, great attitude, an all around good girl.

Same house, same parenting ... different outcomes.

Her kids were not perfect and neither was her parenting.

"The formula failed." She said as she giggled and shook her head.

Breaking News: There Is No Formula!

Here is the one truth every mom must always remember no matter the behavior of their child.

Your child's behavior is not a prescription of their future, it is a description of their present.

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