The Plastic Fruit of Online Living

plasticlivingmainOnline, Jill is a joyful and encouraging believer. She advocates for the oppressed and raises money for the poor. Every Saturday she tweets about her service at the local homeless shelter. She posts Bible verses several times a day. Based on her social media interactions, her friends seem to love and enjoy her.

Offline, she's a different Jill.

Offline Jill seems standoffish and unengaged with her church community. Her online activism feels more like judgmentalism and, while happy to volunteer at a shelter, she can't be bothered to serve her local church. Hurt by her apparent disinterest, Jill's peers feel ignored and pushed away. She seems more content to live online than face-to-face.

How can Jill's online life look so different from her real life? I can't judge her; I've been her and seen the fallout.

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