The Pleasure of Praising Others

Great persons commend great things. The greatest individuals commend the greatest things. They search for that which is most commendable and then set out to magnify it with speech, enjoy it with praise, and invite others to join them in glad admiration by calling attention to its superior qualities. Why were we made? Answer: We were created to commend. It's why we have tongues and lips. We are a speaking species, and speech is for the purpose of lauding the laud-worthy.

When a person is struck with awe and appreciation, what does he do? He affirms. Affirmation is what awe and appreciation arouse. We were made for this. We were made to be awed and made to spew appreciation for what awes us most.

Awesomeness either terrifies us or pleases us. If it's terrible, we shrink back and cry out. And if it's wonderful, we perk up and overflow with approval. Either way, we say something. We might shriek, or we might rave. We can't help it.

Most Awesome

Among everything that might be considered awesome, God is most awesome. He is so far superior in awesomeness, that he makes the use of the word awesome applied to anything else seem out of place.

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