The Pleasures of God, the Praise of Others

The more I know God and what he thinks and says, the less it matters whether others are impressed with me. It's almost unexplainable, the sense of satiation and completeness that invade the heart when our eyes are fixed on the cross. At the cross of Christ, God declares not only that we are forgiven, but that we are family. He calls us children, beloved children. There is a tenderness and enduring love that characterizes our Father God.

When I am not fixed on this grace, I am almost obsessed with the praise of others, which makes me assume only condemnation from them.

Ocean Depths to Puddles

I know, in fixing my eyes on the approval of others, I turn away from an ocean of approval and belonging found in Christ and turn towards the puddles of human praise. But sometimes the approval of others drives me, and it drives me right into anxiety, fear, and self-sufficiency.

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