The Problem with Earbuds

earbudsmainTechnology is amazing. As I am writing this post I have my earbuds plugged in and I am listening to a track of my son playing the piano. That will be followed by another track of a friend playing the cello. Both of these tracks were recorded on my iPhone and then copied on to my computer. If I wish, I can transfer these tracks to my iPod and easily play them anywhere. As I enjoy this music, no one else in the house can hear what I am listening to. Herein lies the problem. My family is not concerned about what I am hearing through the earbuds. If I were a 9 year old or a 14 year old it might be a different story.

This Christmas, no doubt, many of your children received new or upgraded portable listening devices (PLDs). Immediately, the concern is: "What will my kids be listening to?" In an attempt to control things, you could demand that your children show you the play lists on the PLDs. But, as I just indicated, tracks can be added or deleted in an instant. Even with daily checking, parents are really at the mercy of their children as to what they are listening to. What is the answer? Ban PLDs altogether? This would likely create as many problems as it solves. Another solution might be to have the children sign an agreement with you that they will only listen to music that meets with your approval. This solution would be of no more value than the first one. Or, you could just pragmatically concede defeat and tell the kids to listen to whatever they want to. This also is not a satisfying answer.

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