The Prodigal Father

prodigalfathermainThere once was a home filled with a father, mother, a son and a daughter. One day, Father left a note on the refrigerator that said: "Family, I am tired of this life. I have quit my job and am leaving to find happiness."

He then cleaned out the family bank account, grabbed the credit cards and left home. Anxious for a fresh start, Father used the family minivan as down payment on a flashy red sports car and bought lots of brand new suits, the kind the young guys wear.

Without ever looking back, Father drove his shiny new car, top down, very fast until he came to a far away city that had all he had ever dreamed of. He checked into the best five-star hotel and had two porters carry his leather luggage up the the top floor; his new home. Looking out over the city lights, Father smiled, nodded and then dressed to hit the town as he would every night in the weeks that followed.

There were no diapers to change, no lawn to mow, no more burgers and fries to stretch the budget, and best of all, no messy kids clamoring for his attention when it was his time to relax after work. Instead, Father enjoyed a steady diet of rich foods, the best drinks money could buy, new friends that talked about important things such as French wines and who's who in Hollywood. Oh, and instead of messy kids, Father had pretty women that sat on his lap, loudly laughing, eager to tell him how wonderful he was. Finally, Father was truly happy.

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