The Secret Elite Golfers Know That Will Greatly Improve Your Marriage

He wasn’t a Samurai Warrior but in a one-one-one battle, with all his flailing at the ball on the driving range with that golf club, he would have done alright. With each irregular swing, with each divot behind the ball deeper than the last, the embarrassment and frustration grew until one day 20 years ago . . . I had to face reality: I was being totally ridiculous (not to mention downright sinful). I wasn’t headed for the PGA tour any time soon so why was I acting like I should be driving, pitching, and putting like a pro? It was completely illogical. I practiced by myself, didn’t put in the time and, consequently, I earned the results I got. There was no reason I should expect to be able to golf well.

There’s a Law of Achievement every elite golfer lives by and every husband and wife needs to reflect on . . .

You Play How You Practice – a truth that applies to every endeavor.

What life skill are you pursuing? Do you practice a little? Do you practice incorrectly, inconsistently, and with a lack of commitment? Then your future is determined. You’ll never be good at it. All too often, this reality plays out in Christian marriage. We play (live out our marriages) how we practice.

Do you want to grow in your marriage? Do you want to mature? Do you want to better understand your spouse? Do you want a richer, deeper, more solid, settled, peaceful, enjoyable marriage? The same Law that exposed me on the golf course is true for all of us in marriage.

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