The True Freedom Trail: Part 1

There is only one true trail of freedom clearly discernable in history. It does not run through the lineage of conquerors such as Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon or Mao Tse-tung. Such conquerors have left in their wake countless broken lives and a legacy of wicked tyranny. In contrast, the true liberators who have blazed the trail of freedom have been humble yet powerful servants of God Almighty. Theirs is a legacy of people and nations blessed by liberty, equality, prosperity and the rule of law. Mathew Henry, the venerable Bible commentator, wrote, "The rulers of the world conquered nations and made them miserable. The apostles conquered them for Christ and made them happy." The true freedom trail was carved by leaders inspired by Jesus Christ, filled with His compassion, and carried by His followers throughout the Roman Empire. Without legions of brutal soldiers, this devout Army brought millions of people throughout the collapsing Roman Empire to faith in the one true God. By the 5th century the trail traversed from Rome to the two most remote and poverty-stricken nations in Europe — Ireland and Scotland. It is in those lands that we pick up the sweet scent of liberty in the 5th century.

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