The Two-Word Lie You're Probably Believing

I want you to stop for a second. Stop what you're doing, and think. What is the hard thing in your life right now? You know the thing. The problem. The issue. The thing you're trying to fix, or solve, or ignore, or "get through," or endure. Got it? Got the thing?

Now. If you're like me, there is a teensy-weensy, creeping, sneaky two-word lie you may find yourself believing.


Why me? Of course it's an extra-sneaky two-word lie, so it's not always quite so succinct. Sometimes it says:

I'm the only one who has this.

  • Why is this so hard?
  • Everyone else...their lives seem much simpler.
  • I'm just really sad. This is just a hard, hard thing I'm going through.

Or maybe (like has happened to me before) you aren't even thinking any of these things. You're so engrossed with/fixated one/obsessed with "your issue" that you can't even see past yourself at all. (Again, no judgment. Spent a few years here.)

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