The Wrong Question to Ask in Marriage

askingwrongquestionIf you see an advertisement for gum, you won't just see a piece of gum in a wrapper. You'll probably see an attractive young woman chewing gum in close contact with a handsome man contemplating a kiss. The gum will sell because it provides a solution. The subtle message: if you chew this gum, someone very special will find you attractive!

The question most of us are asking consciously or subconsciously as we go through daily life is, "What's in it for me?" We live in a climate of consumerism and this spills over into every part of life including our most intimate relationships. We're looking for that magic gum.

If you go into marriage asking "What's in it for me?" you are asking the wrong question. Some days your spouse will cook your dinner, give you a back rub, and have great sex with you and you'll think, "Wow this marriage thing is awesome!"

But most days, your spouse will say something insensitive, hog the remote, forget to kiss you passionately and you'll think, "I'm not sure this marriage thing is working. I mean, I'm getting hardly anything out of this deal."

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