This is What You Call Vacation?

vacationmainBefore getting married, my idea of camping was sitting in a casual cafe overlooking a lake before returning to a rustic motel. James' camping experience was quite different. He remembers carrying his tent and food in his backpack and finding a different spot under the stars every night. Yikes!

As you can imagine, our first camping trip had its share of tears, conflict and compromise. We were newlyweds living in Dallas. The young couples group at church was going on a camping trip. While we drove towards the campsite, I was sullen, quiet and irritable. It was painfully obvious that this camping trip was not my idea. We had packed the tent (which James had put on our wedding registry) and but I had left my smile back at our cozy apartment.

James pulled the car over right before we entered the campground. Turning off the engine, he looked at me sternly, "Are you going to act like this all weekend long? Because if you are, we can just turn around and go home." He wisely understood that a weekend with miserable me was no vacation.

I mumbled through tears, "You mean I didn't have to come?"

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