Thought for Easter

The stone was rolled away for you! Matthew tells us that an angel from heaven came down in plain view of the soldiers who were guarding the sealed tomb. The soldiers watched in shock as the angel rolled away the stone from the tomb and sat on it.

If we were there we would have expected to see Jesus walk out into the morning light. There was just one problem. The tomb was already empty. Just as he could not be hindered from entering in a locked room, he could not be contained by the sealed tomb.

The stone was not rolled away so that Jesus could escape. It was rolled away so that you would know that the tomb was empty. With his resurrection Christ was done with the limitations of his human body. Death and the restrictions of our flesh were conquered that Easter morning. As Paul said, death had lost its sting.

The angel of God opened an empty tomb for all to see. Jesus now moved about with the grace and power of a body not subject to the barriers and boundaries of earth. Jesus fulfilled the gospel promise made to Eve so long ago. The curse was broken.

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