Thought for the Lord's Day

Worship the God who holds your life in his hands. There is perhaps no better reason to be in awe of God than to realize that he alone numbers the days of your life. Our lives are too often based on the premise that tomorrow will come. But tomorrow comes only if God has determined that it will. I have no guarantee or entitlement regarding tomorrow. Yet I find that I live as if I do. If I have a problem with someone I think if can fix it tomorrow. If my relationship with God is not what it should be, I think I can make it better tomorrow. If I need to change my priorities I can do that tomorrow or the next day.

It is not wrong to plan for tomorrow and seek to honor God with my plans. But I must also remember that whether or not I have tomorrow has been determined by God. So, I should follow James' challenge to realize that my plans will only happen if God has willed them to happen.

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