Thought for the Lord's Day

Humility: the pathway to worship How many people do you think of as less significant than yourself? Sound a little crass? Okay, how about this? Are you irritated by people who don't do things as you think they should be done? Do you consistently think of how you can serve others when a problem arises or do you just feel put out? These are indications of self-importance. If we are to pursue the attitude of Christ, then we will not be dominated with irritation at the actions of those around us. We will think first how we can serve, rather than how we are not being served. Christ is the exact picture of humility. He laid aside his own well-being to honor the will of his father.

Worship and self-importance do not mix. Worship consists of humility and honor for God. Thinking well of ourselves will hinder us from thinking well of God. Worship comes from being laid low before God and being consumed with a life of service to his great name. Anything less makes worship an exercise of selfish ambition or conceit.

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