Thought for the Lord's Day

Are you wavering? It had not rained in Israel for three years. It was no secret why there was a drought. The prophet Elijah had told King Ahab that there would be neither rain nor dew unless Elijah said differently. It was obvious that Elijah was speaking for God and it was God who was withholding moisture. Still, the royal response was to order the death of Elijah.

Finally, after the three years were up, Elijah challenged Ahab and the prophets of Baal to meet him on Mount Carmel. So, Ahab did as requested. All of Israel came to see the confrontation. Before the contest started Elijah challenged Israel to make a choice: will they worship God or Baal. Again it seems as if the choice was obvious. God, through the word of one man withheld rain for three years. The King and Queen had 850 prophets to speak for Baal, but they could produce no rain.

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