Three Items to Add to Your Summer Bucket List

All school year long, we live and breathe routine. Early rising, lunch packing, carpooling, volunteering, soccer cheering, dinner making, homework helping, tub splashing, then tucking kiddos into bed — so we can start all over again the very next morning. Routine is good. Structure is healthy.

But so is breaking free.

I adore summer vacation with my kids. We have freedom to play, explore new activities, and build sweet memories under the sun and moon. In order to make the most of it, my family creates a summer bucket list.

Every spring, my husband and I ask our kids what they want to do before summer ends, and together we write a list of activities. These run the gamut from "pick strawberries" and "see fireworks" to "take a karate class" and "visit every playground in town." Listing our summer goals helps our family stay intentional about quality time and enrichment, and it gives the kids a sense of accomplishment come August when they see how they invested their summer — and how Mom and Dad supported their interests.

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