Three Things We Should Know About God

threethingsgodmainA.W. Tozer famously said that whatever comes to our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us. When you hear the mention of "God," what would you say? What image fills your heart and head when you think about who God is?

The question is important because we all have some kind of answer. Everybody has a go-to thought when they think of God. And we want that picture to be true, that is, formed by what God says about himself, not the dictates of our experience.

Here's an effort to get that picture right, as the Bible bears it out. Here are at least three things we should know about God.

1. God Is Father.

"The most foundational thing in God," says Michael Reeves, "is not some abstract quality, but the fact that he is Father." In his book Delighting in the Trinity, Reeves begins with this important, but all-too-frequently forgotten, fact that God really is Father, as Scripture attests and Christian theology demands.

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