A Three-Way Run

Paul speaks clearly about the race we run. It's a race that is run on a path of sanctification -- a path that leads to growing in holiness in Christ (Ephesians 4:15) and being conformed to the image of the Jesus (Romans 8:29). Paul's passion for sanctification is revealed when he speaks of running the race. He speaks not of walking, and certainly not of sauntering, strolling or striding. Nor does he mean we are to dawdle or wander ... or trudge, traipse or tromp. Paul says we are to RUN ... and to "run with patience the race that is set before us" (Hebrews 12:1). Not "a" race, but "THE" race. This is "THE" important race -- the race that God has set before us. Jesus is the One who saved us and He is the One who has entered us into this race. Now we are to run. This emphasizes an urgency in our race. We know that one day we will come to the finish line, but until then we "run." When we think of the word run, we often think of words such as dart and dash. We know that running is at a much faster speed than walking and we often describe running with words like, "run like lightening," "run like the wind," or we often say about the runners, "they're flying." So in this urgency to run the race, what direction are we told to run?


We are told to run from sin. We are told this because all sin puts us at a distance, separated, from a Holy and Just God. All sin is a snare that can create in us a stronghold and drag us more deeply into more sin, moving us even farther away. Sin will steal our joy and damage our witness and testimony for the Lord. When we remember that we have already been forgiven for our sins, it should be our great desire to run FROM sin.

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