Three Ways We Fight for Our Family

It's almost frightening how quickly I embraced the thought. It was early evening, my husband home from work, and in the swirl of conversation and formulation of plans, I had a suggestion. It was something we could implement as a couple for the benefit of our marriage. But we'd been down this road. Whether it was weekly date nights, nightly couple devotions, or co-reading an edifying book, we'd take it up with vigor and start down the path only to watch it fizzle, foiled by life's interruptions.

So the thought came easily — What's the use?

I embraced it, and kept quiet.

That same evening, though, the Lord made me uncomfortable with my posture. As I prayed and pondered, I realized that I was giving ground to the enemy. Instead of standing firm and looking to the Lord to shore up this area, I'd given up. Retreated. I may as well have announced that I would no longer occupy this ground in my marriage. "Here, enemy, you can have it."

This Is War

In our cozy kitchens, amid roasted chicken and good conversation, how easy it is to forget that we're in a war. We are daily assaulted by thoughts and suggestions that ease into our stream of consciousness. They fit the situation perfectly and bend to our way of thinking. So we welcome them, though they are meant for our destruction.

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