There are only so many hours in a day...twenty-four to be exact. Some of those hours are spent on nonnegotiables. Most of us have to work at something to make a living, we all need to sleep, and eating is in there somewhere. These activities add up to approximately 20 hours a day.

Okay, the vast majority of our day taken up by the “have to’s” of life. So here’s the question. What are we choosing to do with the rest of our time? How are we spending the remaining 4 or 5 hours? Rest? Relaxation? Recreation? Meditation? Sofa Spud?

We each have patterns of how we spend our time. Some are productive and others...not so much. Some choose to fill those few extra hours with brain numbing substances and activities as if to blot out the other 20 hours. I’m describing an unproductive pattern that goes something like this: 1. Wake up, then work all day 2. Come home 3. Waste time... 4. Fall asleep 5. Repeat

We can fill in #3 above with any number of activities such as: “Drink heavily” or “Work more” or “Stare at television”. Probably not the best use of time...

Over the years, I learned that those precious few hours tucked between all the ‘have to’s” can be the most productive and satisfying of them all. As a husband and father, I realized that not only did I need to bring home the bacon, but it was also my duty to walk through the door carrying a big dose of peace, happiness, a willingness to listen to my wife’s thoughts from the day, and especially, with enough energy left to engage in a meaningful way with my kids.

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