One great thing about living in Michigan is that we experience all four seasons. Spring comes with the first few rays of sun and we shuffle out of hiding, only too glad to shed our nineteen layers of wool, goose down and flannel. Summer shows up and we head “up north” to cram a year’s worth of recreation into the glorious months of June, July and August. Autumn rolls around and the beautiful colors explode as leaves turn gold, orange and red. Finally, winter arrives. The beauty fades and temperatures fall. Soon, snow and ice cover the ground.

Those of us that live in this great state understand the times and seasons. As such, we find the beauty in each season and we simply accept that a change is coming. It has to. That’s just how it was designed. Knowing what’s coming helps us find ways to adapt.

Our lives are much the same. Birth is spring time. All things new. Rejoicing and celebration. Summer comes along and, as young adults, we explore our world, often oblivious to the other seasons yet to come. As mature adults, we slow down some and begin to see individual trees, not just the forest. Finally, winter. The cold wind blows and we realize that our youth is gone…forever. This is a time of quiet reflection on the beauty of past seasons. Of love won and lost; of children grown and gone; of victories and even defeats that shaped our lives. A sad time and yet, there is hope. Great hope.

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